Dreamcatcher release the hard-hitting “Piri”

The seven-member idol group aren’t your typical K-pop outfit.

Japan might have Babymetal, but South Korea has Dreamcatcher. This hard rock idol girl group are in a league of their own with “Piri,” and its accompanying EP, The End of Nightmare.

Dreamcatcher’s new song features crashing rock riffs and heavy drums, but the track remains radio-friendly with a catchy flute refrain and plenty of sleek choreography. There are some things about K-pop that just can’t be changed, after all.

“Piri” was released alongside an ominous-looking video that continues the storyline set up by the group’s previous releases. The clip for “Piri” follows the girls in a sort of purgatory, complete with evil twins, creepy baby dolls and endless dark hallways.


The End of Nightmare is Dreamcatcher’s fourth EP since debuting in 2017. They have since gained a cult following in the crowded K-pop field with their unique sound and concept.

Watch “Piri” below:


And stream The End of Nightmare here:

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