Dreamcatcher release action-packed “ROSE Blue” video

The song soundtracks the online RPG video game ‘Girl Cafe Gun.’

Dreamcatcher have released a thrilling video for their new song “ROSE Blue.”

The visual casts member JiU as a gun-wielding agent tasked to hunt down the rest of her group. The other members find themselves trapped in various settings—ranging from a classroom to a scrapyard—and must escape before it’s too late.

“ROSE Blue” is set to soundtrack the Korean-language version of the Japanese action shooter game, Girl Cafe Gun. The video game is available now on both iOS and Android.

Dreamcatcher previously released a macabre visual for “Red Sun,” a cut from their debut album Dystopia: The Tree of Language. Album cut “Scream” also received the video treatment in February.


Watch the video for “ROSE Blue” here:


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