Drax Project rework “Woke Up Late” with Hailee Steinfeld

The singer-actress lent her smooth vocals to the bubbly pop production.

New Zealand’s Drax Project hit it big in 2017 when they released their catchy single, “Woke Up Late.” Now two years later, the quartet have shared a rework of their song, which features a guest verse from Hailee Steinfeld.

The new version stays mostly true to Devin Abrams’ infectious pop production, but Steinfeld definitely breathes new life into the love song. Her silky smooth vocals enter during the second verse before joining frontman Shaan Singh on the chorus. “Last night we met at one / Drank ’til two / Danced ’til four / Walked you home / Awake ’til dawn,” they sing together.

In a press statement, Drax Project explained that the idea of a duet did cross their minds when they initially wrote “Woke Up Late.” “We’re all huge, big fans of ‘Starving’ and ‘Let Me Go,’ so [we] were beyond stoked to get Hailee on the song!” they said. “She absolutely kills it in movies and in music. We feel like having her vocals take both the sonics and the feel of the song to another level.”


Check out the lyric video for the new version of “Woke Up Late” below:

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