DPR Ian releases funky video for “Scaredy Cat”

A cut from his debut EP, ‘Moodswings in This Order.’

DPR Ian—aka Korean-Australian singer Christian Yu—has released a video for “Scaredy Cat,” a cut from his debut EP, Moodswings in This Order.

In the clip, the singer plays a fugitive who’s been hiding out in an abandoned hotel for the past six years. Ian performs the funky song in an empty bar and dances across the building’s various hallways, accompanied by creepy special effects. “And there are clouds in disguise / And I’m always terrified / They might just rain on me / I’m losing my mind (I know) / But I think I’ll be alright / Just hold my hands you’ll see,” he sings.

“‘Scaredy Cat’ was a song that was inspired by my fear, my fear of everything almost,” Yu told Vacancy Mag. “I’m sure you heard of the term, ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ So that’s essentially what it is, a scaredy cat.”


Moodswings in This Order was released on March 12 via Dream Perfect Regime. The album was preceded by the singles “So Beautiful,” “Nerves” and “No Blueberries,” featuring CL and DPR Live.

Watch the video for “Scaredy Cat” below:

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