DPR Ian enlists CL, DPR Live for “No Blueberries”

Watch the trippy music video here.

DPR Ian—aka Korean-Australian singer Christian Yu—has released his new single, “No Blueberries,” featuring CL and DPR Live.

Ian and CL sing about an abusive relationship on the laid-back R&B track, which was produced by fellow DPR associate REM. “I like no blueberries in my ice cream cake / No air to breathe with that masking tape / Stop, please / I need a hostage free / I need a rocket ship / I need to run from / From you,” they sing on the chorus.

DPR Live jumps on later with a rap verse in both English and Korean: “She’s in love with me / And that’s a drug in dangerous doses / And I’m in love with your poses / Can’t see straight, can’t focus / Get chills when I see your face, you’re the coldest.”


The action-packed video for “No Blueberries” follows Ian, who encounters a strange, alien-like creature while at an old-school diner. He bumps into DPR Live while running through the parking lot, and the duo make their escape together. CL does not appear in the visual.

Earlier this year, Ian released the song “So Beautiful.” On the other hand, DPR Live previously made his long-awaited solo debut with Is Anybody Out There?, while CL dropped the songs “HWA” and “5 Star” in October.

Watch the video for “No Blueberries” here:


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