Dive headfirst into Grimes’ new album, ‘Miss Anthropocene’

A twisted yet playful commentary on climate change.

It took five long years but Miss Anthropocene—the follow-up to Grimes’ critically acclaimed fourth studio album, 2015’s Art Angels—has finally arrived.

The ten-song record is described by Grimes as a “concept album about anthropomorphizing climate change.” “Like this death god,” the singer born Claire Boucher told The Wall Street Journal last March. “I want to make climate change fun. People don’t care about it because we’re being guilted. […] No one wants to look at it, you know? I want to make a reason to look at it. I want to make it beautiful.”

And make it beautiful—albeit occasionally haunting—she does. “Violence,” whose lyrics paint an abusive relationship between Mother Nature and the human race, is a lush, cyberpunk-inspired production. On the other hand, “IDORU” views climate projections through rose-tinted glasses. Over its cheery melody, Grimes sings, “I wanna play a beautiful game / Even though we’re gonna lose / But I adore you.”


Other tracks that appear on Miss Anthropocene include “My Name is Dark” and “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth.” Listen to it in full below:

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