Dido draws a line in the sand on “Give You Up”

The mature break-up song you need.

Last November, Dido announced her new album with the trip-hop single, “Hurricanes.” Now, she’s released a piano-driven ballad, “Give You Up.”

Written by songwriter Dee Adams and Australian duo The Opposite Kids, the track finds the English musician ending a relationship with enviable maturity and poise—even if she does miss her ex from time to time. “You don’t, you don’t get under my skin no more / It’s gone, it’s gone, I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you no more,” she proclaims.

In a statement, Dido described the central drama of the song as “that point in a relationship where you are pulling yourself out of the gutter and deciding that it’s their loss.” If you can relate to that, check out “Give You Up” below:


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