Did Taylor Swift just hint at new music on Instagram?

Fans are going wild with anticipation.

Thanks to a new, cryptic Instagram post by Taylor Swift, her fans are convinced she’s dropping new music soon.


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The post in question shows trees against a starry sky, along with a caption of seven palm tree emojis. Now, Swifties are theorizing the seven emojis means she’s working on her seventh album—and are even looking to the stars in the sky as a potential clue as to its release date.


One fan wrote on Twitter: “Crazy #TS7 Theory: So if there’s 60 stars as some have said, let’s say there’s about 60/61 There’s 61 days until April 26, FRIDAY, a SINGLE RELEASE day! Another connection is April 26 is Arbor Day, a connection to PALM TREES!?”

Check out some of the fevered discussion going down on Twitter:


Once conspiracies start, there’s no stopping them! What do you make of Swift’s Instagram post?

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