DIA’s new single will make you go “Woowa”

The energetic track opens their new EP, ‘Newtro.’

K-pop girl group DIA have released “Woowa,” a high-octane dance track that leads their new EP, Newtro.

The ’90s Eurodance-inspired song features a pulsing beat, laser-like synths and an intriguing Middle Eastern-influenced flute melody. “Your dazzling eyes / More and more, lo-lo-lo-love you, my love / When you come to me, oh / The more I see you, I get amazed / Woowa,” they sing.

The song was released alongside a neon-hued video which follows the ladies at a rollerskating rink. Scenes of the group performing sleek choreography in front of bright flashing lights are also included in the clip.


Newtro is DIA’s first project since last August’s Summer Ade, and first without original member Jenny, who is recovering from a knee injury.

Watch the video for “Woowa” here:


And stream Newtro below:

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