Demi Lovato taps Travis Barker for “emo version” of “I Love Me”

The Blink-182 drummer transforms the pop single into a rock hit.

Demi Lovato has shared an “emo version” of her recent single “I Love Me,” featuring Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Released last month, “I Love Me” tackles the pop musician’s struggle with self-esteem by seizing power through self-love and shutting down unhealthy comparisons between herself and others. The new version bolsters her positive message with Barker’s driving percussion and guitar-heavy instrumentation.

Lovato’s upcoming seventh studio album has no title or release date just yet. It will also feature her recent collaboration with Sam Smith, “I’m Ready.” On The Ellen Show, Lovato said the record would have songs “that are ugly-honest and heavy and will make you cry and will take you there.”

On the other hand, Barker recently collaborated with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly on his recent pop punk song, “Bloody Valentine.”


Listen to Barker’s rework of “I Love Me” here:


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