Daya, RL Grime take you back to the ’90s in “I Wanna Know”

We’re feeling nostalgic already.

RL Grime’s known for his trap-heavy, bass-in-your-face beats—but his recent collaboration with synth pop darling Daya is shedding some light on the electronic music producer’s poppier side. And their irresistible dance anthem, “I Wanna Know,” has finally got the video it deserves.  

Directed by Megan Park, the daydreamy visual sees the ’90s and early noughties making a colorful and fun comeback. In it, Daya gets together with her girlfriends to throw the ultimate ’90s-themed slumber party that we bet even Cher Horowitz wants to get invited to.

Dressed in bright checkered suits and feathered tops, the squad also rock Ring Pops, berets and those ridiculously tiny sunglasses. They dance around in a motel room, gulp down handfuls of sour candies, create pin art and challenge each other to a round of Skip-It. Oh, they even play with Tamagotchis, too.


Watch the clip below:

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