Daya finds her “Safe” space in latest MV

And she wants to help you find one, too.

“Hide Away” hitmaker Daya dropped her latest single “Safe” back in June. Produced with Laleh and Joel Little, the track’s an emotive mid-tempo tune that finds the 19-year-old wishing to return to the times when she felt safe and invincible. Now, the song’s accompanied by a mesmerizing visual to deepen the narrative.

Exploring the themes on the track, the video sees the singer keeping herself locked away from the outside world in a pastel pink bedroom. She watches life go by on television screens and peeps at it through her windows. But wait for it: When she finally cracks open a wall in her room, she’s taken to a mystical place.

The song’s been launched along with a social media campaign, which encourages fans to share their own interpretation of what ‘safe’ means to them. “I want my song to be an invitation to start a positive dialog in a world in need of compassion,” Daya said in a video on Instagram.


Check out the official video for “Safe” below:

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