Day6 bring color back to the world in “Sweet Chaos” video

Their new album, ‘The Book of Us: Entropy,’ is out now.

South Korean indie pop band Day6 have dropped a video for their new song, “Sweet Chaos.”

The black-and-white clip opens on the group performing on a bare-bones set. But as the high-energy chorus kicks in, color starts to spread from the boyband’s instruments, bringing the stage to life. The visual also features shots of the members dissolving into thin air, Avengers: Infinity War-style.

“Sweet Chaos” is a cut from Day6’s third Korean-language studio album, The Book of Us: Entropy. The record is the sequel to their July EP, The Book of Us: Gravity, which included the song “Time of Our Life.”


“The first part [of the Book of Us series] was about the beginning stages, comparing it to gravity and the pull of love. So for this next album, we wanted to sing about how people change as they interact with each other,” member Young K said at a press conference, as translated by Soompi. “Sometimes, that change can be warm but other times, it can be cold, so we tried to represent both.”

Watch the video for “Sweet Chaos” here:


And listen to The Book of Us: Entropy below:

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