Crush returns with wacky video for new single, “Ohio”

The song’s B-side, “Let Me,” features R&B singer Devin Morrison.

Crush has returned with a video for his new single, “Ohio.”

The quirky clip opens with the K-pop singer dancing in an empty underground parking garage. He then quickly makes his way through a deserted building, across hallways and locker rooms, before finally ending up on the stage of a large theatre.

“I’ve been dancing ’til the morning on my own / Dancing as if I’m out of my mind / Singing ’til my throat gives in, yeah / Still nothing has changed,” he sings on the upbeat song.

The song’s B-side, “Let Me,” is an English-language song that features R&B singer Devin Morrison. The double-release is the South Korean singer’s first release since “Mayday,” his collaboration with Red Velvet’s Joy.


Watch the video for “Ohio” here:

And listen to “Let Me” below:


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