Crush heads to Los Angeles in his video for “Nappa”

The South Korean singer’s first release under Psy’s P Nation imprint.

South Korean R&B singer Crush—aka Shin Hyo-seob—has dropped a video for his latest single, “Nappa,” which means “bad” in Korean.

The clip follows the singer as he rides a bicycle through the streets of Los Angeles, visiting friends at a pool party and in a diner. Shin looks dejected throughout the clip, as he sings about a relationship which he messed up: “Making promises I can’t keep / Telling you ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again / Your face full of disappointment / I trudge along slowly.”

“Nappa” is Crush’s first release under Psy’s P Nation imprint, which he signed to in July. His previous release was “Lay Your Head on Me,” which arrived last November.


Watch the video for “Nappa” here:

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