CLC awaken the “Devil” within in destructive new video

The girl group’s third single of the year.

K-pop girl group CLC have returned with a wicked video for their new single, “Devil.”

In the clip, the seven-piece group unleash the “devil” within by trying to do bodily harm to one another. The ladies throw darts at each other, set a room on fire and—worst of all—leave Lego pieces on the floor.

The visual transforms into a witchy feast towards the end, complete with doll heads, eyeballs and black roses. “It doesn’t mean anything to me to end you at once / A real cruel devil, which you don’t know just from looking at the surface / You’ve awakened my true nature that was asleep / A real wicked devil, which you don’t know just from looking at the surface,” they sing on the Korean-language chorus.

CLC previously dropped the song “Me” in May. Earlier in the year, the K-pop girl group released their eighth Korean-language EP, No 1.


Watch the video for “Devil” here:


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