CL releases part two of her ‘In the Name of Love’ project

Listen to “I Quit” and “Paradox” here.

Former 2NE1 member CL has released the new songs “I Quit” and “Paradox,” which make up part two of her In the Name of Love project.

“I Quit” is a sassy kiss-off from the K-pop idol to a former lover. “I quit / I’ve always been good without you / Who are you pointing fingers at / Thought you were better, but you’re cheap,” she sings over a catchy guitar riff. The song dropped alongside a lyric video featuring dancers performing the song in sign language.

On the introspective track “Paradox,” the singer wonders where her life is headed and reflects on the path her career has taken: “Am I doing well? / Why am I already afraid of the end? / Will I be able to handle all this? Running outta time, am I gonna make it or not? / Just thinking out loud.”

“I Quit” and “Paradox” are the latest releases from CL’s In the Name of Love project, following “Done” and “Rewind,” both of which arrived last week. Listen to her new songs below.


“I Quit”:



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