Chung Ha reunites with Changmo for “Play”

She plays a matador in the accompanying music video.

Chung Ha has teamed up with South Korean rapper Changmo for her new song, “Play.”

The Latin-inspired track dropped alongside a captivating video starring the K-pop idol as a matador in a bullfight against a bright red Lamborghini. “This dance is getting more and more breathtaking / I want it more, your love / Don’t set me free / I’mma play you on repeat,” she sings on the infectious chorus.

Changmo jumps in later with a loved-up verse that references Chung Ha’s previous single, “Stay Tonight.” “I can’t escape, even yesterday, I played you on repeat / Whenever I look at the clock, it’s always already midnight / Sh, sh, sh, just us two, stay tonight / Even if you don’t say it, I know you feel this vibe,” he spits.

“Play” is the second single from Chung Ha’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled album, following “Stay Tonight.” She previously collaborated with Changmo on the 2019 song “Remedy.”


Watch the video for “Play” below:


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