Chung Ha previews debut album with “X”

‘Querencia’ is less than a month away.

Chung Ha has teased her debut album Querencia with a brand-new song, “X.”

On the soulful ballad, produced by South Korean indie band The Black Skirts, the K-pop idol sings about picking yourself up after heartbreak. “Those sad pieces are now sharp blades / With sharpened knife, I cut away / The scars of you that followed me like a ghost / Filled up clean with new flesh / Like nothing ever happened,” she croons.

“The bond that protected me has been cruelly broken, and nothing has come to pass as I wished. All those who had promised eternity have left, one by one, and I have reached the lowest trough of my life,” Chung Ha said of “X” in a heartfelt statement. “As I journey through the thorns and time falls behind, I have become an entirely new person. From the broken shards and countless wounds, I have finally rebuilt myself. If you’re watching me from somewhere, don’t ever forget that to you, I gave my best.”


“X” will appear on Chung Ha’s upcoming debut album, Querencia. The 21-track record will also feature a number of her previously released singles, such as “Dream of You” with R3HAB, “Play” with Changmo, “Stay Tonight” and “Everybody Has.”

Listen to “X” below:

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