Chung Ha, Mommy Son go “Fast” on their new single

Chung Ha’s third collaboration of the year.

K-pop singer Chung Ha has teamed up with South Korean rapper Mommy Son—who also goes under the moniker Mad Clown—on a new song titled “Fast.”

The energetic synth pop song opens with rapid-fire bars from Mommy Son, who preaches perseverance in the face of adversity. “Keep walking even if you’re down / The weather is bad and the hot wind is blowing / Just cry out, step by step / Put it on the soles of your feet / Push them all the way,” he raps.

Chung Ha handles the song’s chorus, singing over an infectious soundscape of warbling synths and dance beats: “Run, I’m gonna move it, movin’ fast / Move it more, go / Run, We’re gonna make it ’til the end / Baby, you and I at our speed.”


“Fast” is the latest collaboration from Chung Ha, who previously linked up with Grizzly on “Run” and Ravi on “Live.” In June, she dropped her fourth EP, Flourishing.

Listen to “Fast” here:

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