Chung Ha goes dark for “Gotta Go” MV

The former IOI member embraces a more mature look and sound.

Chung Ha is stepping away from fun, summer bops for a darker look and sound with her new song, “Gotta Go.”

The rising K-pop star replaces the bright colors and sparkles of her previous visuals with smoky eye makeup, a sultry red lip and a lot more black for this new release. The flute-dominated track also moves away from the tropical house sound of her older releases like “Love U,” towards a style that recalls Sunmi’s seductive Warning EP.

“This is more of my personal style, I guess. I wanted to go very dark,” Chung Ha explained to Billboard. “The visual part is very important to me because it kind of stands out with my music. As the music changes, the looks change so that goes a long way.”


The 22-year-old got her start as a member of IOI, a girl group that was formed through the reality competition Produce 101. Watch her video for “Gotta Go” below:

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