Cheat Codes, Kim Petras drop “Feeling of Falling”

Fall in love with this bop.

Dance pop group Cheat Codes have teamed up with pop star-on-the-rise Kim Petras for a new song, “Feeling of Falling.”

For this catchy production, the “No Promises” hitmakers have shifted away from their signature tropical house sound and big drops for a more laid-back approach. That doesn’t mean “Feeling of Falling” won’t make you sway to the beat, though. The song opens with acoustic guitar strums before snapping synths and the drums kick in. Petras’ vocals catch your attention from the very first line as she sings about uncertainty and vulnerability: “I hate the feeling of falling / I can’t keep bleeding, I’m sorry.”

“I’m the biggest emo so I really connected to the song!” Petras said in a press statement. “Cheat Codes are amazing and I’ve had the best time collaborating on this one.”


The musical trio also added that the song describes the habit of comparing old relationships with new ones. “It puts you in a really vulnerable place. It can be the best thing, but also the worst.”

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