Charlie Puth isn’t a fan of parties in “The Way I Am” video

Parties can be awkward sometimes, even for pop stars.

Parties aren’t for everyone. But that’s exactly where Charlie Puth finds himself in his latest video, for “The Way I Am.”

In the clip, the “Attention” singer-songwriter sulks in the corner of a house party. While partygoers revel around him in fast-motion, a moody Puth finds himself mostly left alone—sometimes hanging by the kitchen counter, sitting by the pool, or even laying down in a bathtub.

“Cause everybody’s trying to be famous / And I’m just trying to find a place to hide,” he croons to a walking bass line, a recurrent sound on his Voicenotes album.


So much for an awkward party, though, as he quickly catches the attention of a partygoer. The video ends with the two exchanging a flirtatious smirk before cutting to black. Guess his party woes aren’t going to last too long, then.

Watch “The Way I Am” below:

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