Charlie Puth is looking for a “Girlfriend” on new single

His first solo release this year.

Charlie Puth is making his message plain and simple on his latest single: He wants a “Girlfriend,” and a serious one at that.

“Baby, would you ever want to be my girlfriend? / I don’t wanna play no games / This is more than just a phase,” Puth belts in his signature falsetto over a summer-friendly electropop production. Unashamed of his bubbling desire, he continues: “Baby, would you ever want to be my girlfriend? / If you want it, let me know / We could make this official.”

“I am very bad at communicating, so most of the time, I just express my feelings in my music and ‘Girlfriend’ is an example of that,” Puth said in a press statement.

“The song is about being persistent and letting someone know that your feelings for them aren’t going to just go away. But rather, they’re always going to be there, and you can’t sleep another night until you have that person by your side every day. But it’s really intense to say all that out loud, so I just put it in a song to make it a little easier for myself.”


In a Twitter post, Puth detailed the recording process of “Girlfriend,” which he said was done “in planes and busses.” “I recorded the bridge vocals ten minutes before I went on stage one time. I recorded the whole thing with an SM7 microphone. Wrote the words with [J] Kash driving around Studio City,” the singer explained.

“Girlfriend” is Puth’s first solo release of this year. The pop star previously remixed Gabby Barrett’s song “I Hope,” and collaborated with Lennon Stella on the song “Summer Feeling,” from the Scoob! animated movie soundtrack. Puth’s last studio album, 2018’s Voicenotes, featured the tracks “Change,” “Done for Me” and “The Way I Am.”

Stream “Girlfriend” below:


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