Charli XCX steps out on “Girls Night Out”

No boys allowed.

Charli XCX has just dropped a brand-new banger for those who like their pop with extra bubblegum.

Sounding like it could’ve been released during the peak of ’90s pop, “Girls Night Out” is an upbeat, sort-of-bonkers track that’s all about—yep, you guessed it—a girls’ night out.

Over the top of a catchy vocal hook that makes it clear that there are “no boys allowed,” Charli and her gal pals paint the town red and have the time of their lives. “Let’s have a girls’ night out tonight / I’m with my best friends and it feels so right,” the singer-songwriter belts out on the chorus.


Charli XCX gets that pop music doesn’t have to always take itself so seriously. Sometimes, it’s just enough to cut loose over a catchy beat. And that’s exactly what “Girls Night Out” brings to the party.

Stream the track below:

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