Charli XCX shares song from new album made in self-isolation

It’s called “Forever” and the album’s working title is ‘How I’m Feeling Now.’

Charli XCX has released “Forever,” the loved-up first song from a new album she’s writing and recording while in coronavirus-induced self-isolation. The working title for the record is How I’m Feeling Now.

The British pop star announced her plan for the album in a Zoom call with fans last Monday, saying that she would shine a light on the making of the “DIY” record by documenting it on social media and inviting different collaborators into her process.

True to her word, Charli shared the instrumental of “Forever” before the song’s release, and even her longtime collaborator AG Cook’s ideas for the track’s outro. She also asked fans to vote on the photo that would serve as the basis for “Forever”’s official artwork, and tapped three different people to create said artwork: the musician Caroline Polachek and the artists Regards Coupables and Seth Bogart.


The pop star has also—like Grimes—invited fans to participate in the creation of a music video for “Forever” by filming and contributing footage. This includes clips of favorite memories, sentimental objects, creative expression and more.

How I’m Feeling Now will be the follow-up to the pop star’s 2019 studio album Charli, which featured tracks like “White Mercedes,” “2099,” “Warm,” “Gone,” “Blame it on Your Love” and “1999.”

The next song Charli is teasing from How I’m Feeling Now is tentatively titled “Claws/I Like” (“I haven’t settled on a title yet,” she said on Instagram). The album will be out in full on May 15.

Stream “Forever” here:


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