Charli XCX, Lizzo just want to “Blame it on Your Love”

It’s a rework of “Track 10” from Charli’s ‘Pop 2’ mixtape.

Charli XCX and Lizzo have teamed up for “Blame it on Your Love,” an infectious reimagining of “Track 10” from the former’s Pop 2 mixtape.

Produced by Stargate, AG Cook and Finn Keane, the new song repurposes the chorus from “Track 10,” adding catchy handclaps and a dance pop beat into the mix. Lizzo juices up the song with a brief but fierce rap verse: “Imma give you one chance to fall in love / Give you one chance, don’t fuck this up / Ah ah oh (uh-oh, uh-oh) / I’m tryna catch millions, I ain’t tryna catch feelings, bitch!”

“Blame it on Your Love” is the latest in a string of singles from Charli, who previously dropped “1999” with Troye Sivan. On the other hand, Lizzo recently released her major label debut, Cuz I Love You, which features tracks like “Juice” and the Missy Elliot-assisted “Tempo.”


Listen to “Blame it on Your Love” below:

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