Charli XCX has a breakthrough on “I Finally Understand”

Another cut from her quarantine album, ‘How I’m Feeling Now.’

Charli XCX has released “I Finally Understand,” another track from her quarantine album How I’m Feeling Now.

The song was produced and co-written by Palmistry, aka Benjy Keating, whom Charli described as someone she’s “wanted to work with for a really long time.”

On “I Finally Understand,” the pop star sings about a breakthrough she’s had about her partner: “Baby, I love you bad / ’Cause lately I finally understand / That maybe this feeling that I’ve found / Might kill me, put me in the ground.”

The song is autobiographical, Charli revealed to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, as it’s about her improving relationship with her boyfriend, with whom she’s spending quarantine.


“Our relationship wasn’t in a brilliant place prior to quarantine,” she said, per Rolling Stone. “I’m not going to say at the end of the road, but close to it—we were living on separate sides of the country, and even though we were physically far apart, we were emotionally quite distant as well.”

“I’m extremely lucky that [quarantine] has brought us physically close together—because now we’re living in the same house — but also emotionally, and I finally understand that this person is somebody who I can trust with my life and I will have my security and protection at the front point of their heart no matter what. So that’s what it’s about, very emo.”

Besides “I Finally Understand,” How I’m Feeling Now will include “Claws” and “Forever.” The record is due out next Friday.

Stream “I Finally Understand” here:


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