Celine Dion teases first English LP in six years with three new songs

Listen to “Courage,” “Imperfections” and “Lying Down” here.

Celine Dion will release her first English-language album in over six years in November, and she’s previewing it with three new singles: “Imperfections,” “Lying Down” and title track “Courage.”

The triple-release is a mix of upbeat tunes and the pop star’s signature soaring ballads. On “Imperfections,” the singer advocates for self-love and embracing your scars over a snappy dance beat. Meanwhile, the David Guetta- and Sia-penned “Lying Down” is a dramatic ballad about breaking away from a toxic relationship.

Dion is at her most emotional on the anthemic “Courage,” which tells the story of getting back on your feet after the devastating loss of a loved one. “I need you to keep away the doubts / I’m staring in the face of something new / You’re all I got to hold on to / So, courage, don’t you dare fail me now,” she sings on the chorus.


The Canadian icon dropped the euphoric dance track “Flying on My Own” in June. All four tracks will feature on her forthcoming album, Courage, due out November 11 via Sony Music Entertainment.

Listen to Dion’s new songs here:

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