Carly Rae Jepsen shares colorful “Want You in My Room” video

From her latest album, ‘Dedicated.’

Carly Rae Jepsen has released the video for “Want You in My Room,” a track off her latest album Dedicated.

In the Andrew Donoho-directed clip, Jepsen prepares for a date in lavish fashion. Every time she steps out of her bedroom door, she walks into a different outdoor location containing an item of furniture: She frolics to her vanity in the park to apply lipstick, before heading to the beach to check out her tulle outfit in a full-body mirror.

Clothed in a black bardot dress, the pop star confidently walks out of her bedroom to a candlelit fountain-side date, singing: “The night’s not over / I just wanna get a little bit closer / And I press you to the pages of my heart.”


The clip ends with a sequin-clad Jepsen dancing in her bedroom, as her band members materialize into furniture: Think a sofa that plays bass guitar and a houseplant on the saxophone.

Jepsen’s latest album Dedicated dropped earlier this year. She’s also released videos for album cuts “Too Much,” “Now That I Found You,” and “Party For One.”

Watch the video for “Want You in My Room” below:


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