Camila Cabello announces new ‘Romance’ album with two songs

She also shared the music video for “Shameless.”

Camila Cabello has unveiled not one, but two songs from her upcoming album Romance: “Shameless” and “Liar.”

“Shameless” shows off Cabello’s more dramatic side, layering her powerhouse vocals atop an intense rock-inflected melody. Meanwhile, “Liar” is a brassy Latin pop-inspired number in the vein of Cabello’s 2018 chart smasher, “Havana.” Both songs were produced by hitmaker Andrew Watt and The Monsters & Strangerz, and were written on the same day. 

“We did the idea for ‘Liar’ and then I was like, I have like 30 minutes left and I really wanted to make another song, make another idea,” Cabello explained in a recent Instagram livestream. “I basically had the chorus melody for ‘Shameless’ […] They’re both about the same situation… I was denying feelings for this person for a long time.” 


Cabello also released a music video for “Shameless.” The pop star goes berserk in the Henry Scholfield-directed clip, dancing wildly in a burning room and running through the streets barefoot. At one point, she even starts glowing bright red and floats into the air. 

No release date has been confirmed, but Romance is expected to drop later this year. In the meantime, watch the “Shameless” music video below:


And listen to “Liar” here:

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