BVNDIT debut with bewitching track, “Hocus Pocus”

Their three-track project, ‘Bvndit, Be Ambitious!’, is out now.

K-pop girl group BVNDIT—pronounced ‘bandit’—have made their official debut with a mesmerizing song, “Hocus Pocus.”

The tropical house-inspired single layers the five-piece group’s vocals over a bouncy bassline, funky brass and subtle flute synths. “Your bewitched eyes look at me / Tell me everything, you want me / In a chic way, in a sweet way, shake you up / You, you, you, you’re trying but / Hocus pocus,” they sing on the catchy chorus.

The track was released alongside a vibrant MV. The playful clip cuts between outdoor scenes of the ladies enjoying a day out and shots of their sleek choreography. The visual also makes use of cutesy animations and impressive editing tricks.


BVNDIT are the first girl group from independent South Korean label MNH Entertainment, which is also home to popular soloist Chung Ha, who is known for songs like “Gotta Go” and “Roller Coaster.”

Watch the video for “Hocus Pocus” below:


And stream Bvndit, Be Ambitious! here:

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