BTS recruit Lauv for “Make it Right” remix

The ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ cut gets a makeover.

BTS have released a video for their brand-new remix of “Make it Right,” featuring Lauv.

The American singer-songwriter contributes new opening verses to the Map of the Soul: Persona track, and tweaks the chorus slightly: “Yeah I can make it better / I can hold you tighter / ’Cause through the morning / Oh, you’re the light / And I almost lost ya / But I can’t forget ya / ’Cause you’re the reason I survived.”

The remix arrived with a video that intercuts an animated fantasy storyline with scenes of BTS performing to thousands of fans in a huge arena.


Previous BTS collaborations with Western artists include “A Brand New Day” with Zara Larsson and “Dream Glow” with Charli XCX. BTS member J-Hope also recently dropped the solo track “Chicken Noodle Soup,” featuring Becky G.

On the other hand, Lauv recently collaborated with Anne-Marie on “Fuck, I’m Lonely” and Troye Sivan on “I’m So Tired.” His debut album ~How I’m Feeling~ is due for release March 6, 2020.

Watch the video for Lauv’s remix of “Make it Right” below:


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