BTOB 4U pay homage to classic films in “Show Your Love” MV

The sub-unit make their debut with the ‘Inside’ EP.

BTOB 4U have made their debut with a dramatic video for new single, “Show Your Love.”

The quartet is a sub-unit of K-pop boyband BTOB, featuring members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub and Peniel. In the video for “Show Your Love,” the group play characters from classic films such as Trainspotting, Romeo + Juliet, Days of Being Wild and more.

“Show your love / Nothing is more powerful than love, that’s all that matters / Say your love, say your love / To spread the love, so we can smile again,” they sing on the moombahton-inspired song.


“Show Your Love” is a cut from the sub-unit’s first EP, Inside. The quartet showcase sonic diversity on the project, which also features the R&B-tinged “Tension,” rock ballad “Alone” and the funk-influenced “Bull’s Eye.”

Watch the video for “Show Your Love” here:


And stream Inside below:

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