Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea faces off against zombies in “Dear. Rude” MV

From her freshly released EP, ‘Newself.’

Jea Dear Rude MV
Image: 1theK official YouTube

Jea of Brown Eyed Girls has released the video for her latest solo effort, “Dear. Rude” featuring South Korean rapper Cheetah.

In the clip, Jea steps into a horror house of sorts where she is attacked by zombie-like creatures. But the singer doesn’t fall into their wicked clutches because as it turns out, she’s also a monster like the rest of them. “I can do anything whatever / Anything whatever / I have no fear in dreaming,” Jea belts on the chorus.

“Dear. Rude” opens Jea’s latest EP, Newself, out now. The three-song release also includes the addictive, R&B-infused title track “Newself” and “My World.”

Watch the video for “Dear. Rude” here:

And listen to Newself in full below: