Broods parody a ’70s music talk show in “Peach” video

Things get weird.

New Zealand alt-pop group Broods have just dropped the video for their latest single, “Peach”—and it’s centered on a psychedelic, super strange ’70s-inspired music talk show.

The clip opens with the brother-sister duo, Caleb and Georgia Nott, on a fictional television programme, called Midnight with Mick Knight, to promote their new record. During the interview, the host poses them a question: “You have an alter ego?” And that’s when things start getting a li’l bizarre.

Wacky characters start to invade the set. A Britney Spears-esque pop star, a saxophone-playing thug, a pink-haired roller skater… the list goes on. At one point, Caleb even joins the host to feast on a turkey. Like we said, weird.


Check it out for yourself below:

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