Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys surprise fans with new collaboration

“Matches” appears on Spears’ 2020 reissue of ‘Glory.’

The ’90s are officially back: Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys have surprised fans with a new collaboration, “Matches.”

The iconic boyband open the dance pop track with a sultry verse: “I taste you in the air, your
energy everywhere, uh-huh / It’s borderline unfair / You know, I can see your brain, it’s screamin’ my name, oh.”

Meanwhile, the pop star handles the song’s infectious chorus. “Like playing with matches, matches, matches / This might leave some damage, damage, damage / Thе good kind of damage, damage, damage / Likе playing with matches, matches, matches,” she sings.


“Matches” appears on Spears’ newly released reissue of her 2016 album, Glory, which also adds on the songs “Mood Ring” and “Swimming in the Stars,” alongside a slew of remixes.

Listen to “Matches” here:


And check out the updated version of Glory below:

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