Billie Eilish unveils haunting visual for “Hostage”

She plays an obsessed lover.

Like most of Billie Eilish’s stuff, the video for her latest single “Hostage” is equal parts chilling and artistic.  

Teaming up with Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae, Luc Junior Tam and director Henry Scholfield (the latter is the brains behind Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” video), the clip portrays Eilish as someone who slowly becomes over-possessive of her lover. It starts out intimate, before things spiral down a dark path. “You’re all I wanted / Just let me hold you / Like a hostage,” she croons on the chorus, a sinister smirk hanging on her lips.  

Stromae, Luc, Henry and [Matty Peacock, the choreographer] really captured the feeling of trying to be so close to someone that you can end up suffocating them and destroying the very thing that you wanted so much,” Eilish explained in a press statement. “There seems to be a beauty to [the romance], but ultimately it’s dangerous and not the kind of love that can or should be sustained.


Watch the video for “Hostage” below:

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