Bastille drop minimal new single, “Those Nights”

The final taste of ‘Doom Days’ before its release.

Bastille have offered up “Those Nights”, a final single before their new album Doom Days drops next week.

“Those Nights” is in the same minimalistic vein of title track “Doom Days,” though it contrasts with the upbeat cut “Joy” with a narrative preoccupied with insecurity and the incessant need for affection. Despite lead singer Dan Smith’s initial cry for love, he quickly doubts his chance of success in the pre-chorus, lamenting that “you’ll never get to heaven on a night like this.”

The single arrived with a video that aligns with Doom Days’ concept of an apocalyptic house party, honing in on Smith on a plaid couch surrounded by a sea of unconscious, half-naked partygoers.


Bastille’s third album, Doom Days, is due out June 14 via Virgin EMI Records. Watch the video for “Those Nights” below:

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