Backstreet Boys balance a new cut with a classic on ‘Kimmel’

They performed fan fave “As Long as You Love Me” and 2019 single “No Place.”

The Backstreet Boys are gearing up to tour their ninth studio album, DNA, and recently took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage to give fans a taste of what their upcoming live shows will be like. They performed new single, “No Place,” and the fan fave “As Long as You Love Me.”

BSB defined the ’90s, and “As Long as You Love Me” went a long way in that era of world domination. They sang the boyband classic in style, sidestepping just as they did two decades ago when the single was first released.

Founding member Brian Littrell flaunted his singing prowess in both performances, proving he’s come a long way from his 2011 diagnosis of vocal tension dysphonia and dystonia, which required work with speech therapists to keep his vocal cords in check. The other boys held strong harmonies throughout both songs, but really hit their stride on the recently released track, “No Place.”


Watch their Kimmel performance below:

“As Long as You Love Me”:


“No Place”:

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