Backstreet Boys announce new song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

The OG boyband is back alright.

Is it 1997 all over again? First there was an NSYNC reunion and now, Backstreet Boys have confirmed on social media that new music is on its way. Their comeback single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is set to drop this Thursday (May 17), and it’s the group’s first effort since their 2013 studio full-length, In a World Like This.

The announcement came with the single’s artwork and a short clip featuring the boys’, err, men’s, silhouettes. Although the teasers don’t tell much, it looks like the boyband’s returning with a pop ballad and, yes, they will be dancing in this one, too—not that we’d expect anything less from them.

The members are currently in the midst of recording their as-yet-untitled ninth album.


Check out the teasers here:

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