Ava Max drops “Freaking Me Out” and “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”

Two new songs, both about all-consuming love.

Ava Max has dropped two new songs about all-consuming love: “Freaking Me Out” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

On the first track, Max likens her powerful new love to the paranormal forces within a haunted house. “Now I hear sounds in the hallway / Rocking chairs are moving on their own / I’m falling for you / So much so that it’s freaking me out,” she sings in the chorus. The track, Max said in a statement, “is about realizing that you’re in love with someone to a degree that feels almost beyond your control.”

“Blood, Sweat & Tears,” on the other hand, “is about giving all of yourself to someone you love and sticking by their side no matter what,” she said. Both tracks follow the American pop artist’s recent remix of “So Am I,” for which she enlisted K-pop group NCT 127.


Check out her two new singles below.

“Freaking Me Out”:


“Blood, Sweat & Tears”:

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