ATEEZ wrap up their ‘Treasure’ series with new EP

Listen to ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer’ here.

K-pop boyband ATEEZ have released Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, the final installment of their Treasure series.

The five-track EP dropped alongside a video for the opening track, “Answer.” In the clip, the boyband bring back their masked doppelgängers which were first introduced in the video for last January’s “Say My Name.” The visual also features the boyband showcasing sleek choreography on a lavish ballroom set.

Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer was co-produced by ATEEZ’s longtime collaborator Eden, alongside Leez and Ollounder. The EP also features lyrics written by members Mingi and Hongjoong.


Last October, the boyband released their debut full-length album, Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action, which featured the song “Wonderland.” They previously dropped the EP Treasure EP3: One to All in June.

Watch the video for “Answer” here:


And stream Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer below:

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