Astro’s Moonbin and Sanha release joint EP, ‘In-Out’

Watch the explosive video for lead single “Bad Idea” here.

Astro members Moonbin and Sanha have released In-Out, their debut EP as a duo.

The five-track EP dropped alongside a futuristic music video for lead single, “Bad Idea.” In the action-packed clip, the duo explore a spaceship-like structure, filled with booby traps, winding hallways and floating guns.

The duo encounter each other in a room that holds a mysterious cylinder of red liquid. The singers get into an epic fist fight, but before either can land the final blow, Sanha wakes up from what seems to be a just a bad dream.


Earlier this year, Moonbin and Sanha joined the rest of their Astro groupmates for “Knock,” from the boyband’s latest EP Gateway. Last year, the group released the songs “All Night” and “Blue Flame.”

Watch the video for “Bad Idea” here:


And listen to In-Out below:

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