Astro are staying up “All Night”

The dance pop track is the lead single of the boyband’s debut album, ‘All Light.’

It’s only been half a year since Astro’s last release. But the K-pop six-piece is keeping the momentum up with “All Night,” the lead single of their freshly released debut album, All Light.

There’s no playing catch-up with trends or jumping on any bandwagons here—”All Night” is a no-frills dance pop earworm that features groovy synths over a simple piano instrumental.

“It’s an album that our members actively participated in,” said JinJin, Astro’s leader, at a media showcase in South Korea. “We talked to the company (Fantagio) about various aspects of the album ranging from the choreography to the album concept, and a lot of our opinions were included.”


Watch their fairy-tale video for “All Night” below:

And stream All Light here:


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