Ashnikko releases “Daisy,” a song “for the brats”

“It’s about this absolute boss dominatrix vigilante character of mine.”

Ashnikko has released a brand-new song, “Daisy.”

On the rap anthem, Ashnikko celebrates uncompromising individuality. “Fuck a princess, I’m a king / Bow down and kiss on my ring / Being a bitch is my kink / What the fuck else did you think?” she spits unabashedly on the second verse. She then issues a warning on the chorus: “I’m crazy, but you like that, I bite back / Daisies on your nightstand, never forget / I blossom in the moonlight, screw eyes / Glacial with the blue ice, I’m terrifying.”

“This song is for the brats (brattiness being a recurring theme in my music),” the London artist said in an evocative statement. “It’s about this absolute boss dominatrix vigilante character of mine. She rids the world of rapists and throat-punches the patriarchy, leaving daisies behind as a calling card of sorts. She’s sexy as fuck, wears only platforms, latex, and blue diamonds.”

Ashnikko’s as-yet-untitled EP is slated to drop later this year. It includes “Daisy,” as well as previously released songs “Cry” featuring Grimes and “Tantrum.” Prior to this, she released her 2019 EP, Hi, it’s Me.


Listen to “Daisy” below:


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