Ariana Grande releases visuals for “The Light is Coming”

It shines a light on the single’s bizarre lyrics.

Ariana Grande has just released a music video for her latest single, “The Light is Coming.”

The stylish video features cuts of Grande and Nicki Minaj dancing in a dark forest. Following Minaj’s opening rap, Grande enters the frame with a bright, glowing orb in her hands that guides her way through the wilderness. Soon after, the forest transforms into a neon playground with plenty of lit-up balloons.

Apart from the bizarre video, the song also features peculiar lyrics that play repeatedly in the background. “You wouldn’t let anybody speak, but instead—” a male voice rings through the Pharrell Williams-produced track.


Turns out, the quote was taken from an archived CNN clip from 2009, which depicts Senator Arlen Specter’s encounter with an enraged member of the public during a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania.

The single and visuals are released ahead of Grande’s forthcoming album, Sweetener, due August 17. Watch Ari’s latest video here:


And watch the heated argument that inspired the lyrics here:

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