An audition turns hysterical in Mikky Ekko’s “Fame” MV

A casting call gone wrong.

Mikky Ekko has unveiled the video for “Fame,” the title track of his latest album.

The somber clip is set during a casting call, where a woman auditions for a role in a musical production. Our heroine tries her best but ultimately fails to impress the judges. Overcome in a fit of anger, she starts screaming at everyone in the room and throwing objects around. At one point, she even attacks someone and it all turns into a bloody mess

“‘Fame’ is deeply personal for me,” Ekko told KCRW, which also premiered the clip. “I was in a strange place, emotionally, when [Justin Parker and I] were writing [the song]. Looking back, ‘Fame’ was a real moment of clarity for me.”


Watch the video below:

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