Aly & AJ release “Don’t Go Changing”

More atmospheric, synth pop goodness.

Aly & AJ are back with the dreamy track, “Don’t Go Changing,” from their forthcoming EP, Sanctuary.

The hazy tune is in line with the ’80s-inspired synth pop sound the Michalka sisters have been experimenting with since 2017’s Ten Years. “You were just what I wanted / Slipping away, that feeling / Hurts me to watch you fading / Too good to be true, I knew it,” they sing over electronic drum beats and a pulsating bassline.

“This song represents the genuine love you have for another person’s true self,” the duo told Highsnobiety. “Whether it’s a lover, a dear friend or even a sister, we’re all constantly up against public judgment and self-scrutiny and sometimes the voice you need is the one telling you there’s nothing to change.”


“Don’t Go Changing” is the follow-up to “Church,” the lead single from Sanctuary. The EP is due out May 10. Stream their new song below:

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