Alexander 23 releases moody video for “Cry Over Boys”

The pop singer’s first release of 2021.

Up-and-coming pop singer Alexander 23 has released a video for “Cry Over Boys.”

The moody visual, directed by Stefan Kohli, captures the Chicago musician performing the emotional song in the backroom of a dry cleaning shop. As bags of clothes whirl past him, he sings about how people are unable to move past toxic relationships.

“Oh, what’s the point in dressing up to be let down? / Aren’t you tired of getting hurt? / Aren’t you sick of, of making it worse? / You cry over boys you know would never cry about you,” he croons.


“This song is about a loop I think a lot of people are stuck in,” Alexander 23 said in a press statement. “Romanticizing romance at the cost of their own sustainable happiness. I hope it can help people break out of that cycle.”

“Cry Over Boys” is Alexander 23’s first release of 2021. The singer, who has collaborated with artists such as Jeremy Zucker and AJ Mitchell, first made his solo debut in 2019 with the EP I’m So Sorry I Love You. Last year, he released the songs “IDK You Yet” and “Nothing’s the Same.”

Watch the video for “Cry Over Boys” below:


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